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Ivory by HeliosFive

Wrongfully accused and exiled from her Stable, Ivory got an early lesson in the injustices of the world. As a trained security guard her odds of survival were better than most.

The pain she saw convinced her something must be done to fix it.

In an anarchic world those who are strong will thrive and prey upon the weak.

So she thrived. And she preyed.

She understood that to build a better world there must be sacrifices.

They might not understand the purpose of their suffering.

Oh how she wishes she could make them see.

But in the end she knows it will all be worth it.

But late at night there is a nagging at the back of her mind.

She looks herself in the mirror and wonder who that cold eyed mare wearing her face truly is.

She is too important to sacrifice the same way she has marched so many others off.

Is it just a poor excuse to hide her own fear?

Of pain.

Of doubt.

Base used has been traced from an unknown artist. If you happen to be said artist and want me to credit you or take the picture down let me know.

FoE Lavender Hoodie by HeliosFive
FoE Lavender Hoodie
The one eyed Fallout Equestria equivalent of my character Lavender. Life hasn't been easy on her. A fight turned bad claimed her eye.
Climax Tekton by HeliosFive
Climax Tekton
His name is Climax Tektōn. It means Stair craftsman. He is good with stepladders. Possible wrestler.
Happy Smiles by HeliosFive
Happy Smiles
The Queen Bitch of Fairweather herself, Happy Smiles. Never has a town had a bartender with a filthier mouth!
After an accident involving trying to deepthroat a flamethrower her once beautiful voice was ruined and her hindlegs burned off with the rest of her body covered in horrible burn scars.

At least if you hear her telling the story.

Ponies who know her better suspect her 'accident' might have involved her prior life as the heroine 'Sunburst' , known for many things including slaying the Mutilator Raider Clan.
When DJ-PON3 talks of fallen heroes and those who came before the Lightbringer arrived on the scene she's talking about ponies like Smiles. For most who embark on the same journey as Littlepip this is how they end up, burned out cripples or rotting corpses in the wasteland. Smiles was that naive once upon a time and she'd have plenty to teach young upstarts who think they alone can fix the wasteland.
She's left her hero days in the past and although nostalgia sometimes strikes she's happy where she is now too:

Being the most filthy mouthed bartender this side of the wasteland and an alchemist who most know not to fuck with if they value their dignity and/or life.

(Based on two different bases. Unfortunately I lost the original files so can't credit the authors of said bases, sadly enough.)
Smiles riding Lemon by HeliosFive
Smiles riding Lemon
Sometimes misfortune strikes. Happy Smiles might be a burn scarred cripple but lucky for her there's others with all four limbs intact, if not their sight.

They are burn scarred crippled mare and blind pegasus pony. Together they are...Almost a whole horse!

This was a birthday gift for a friend who's not on Deviantart. Lemon Frost belongs to him while the orange pony, Happy Smiles, belongs to me.


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